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"It Breaks My Heart"
the Rendevous

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New Jersey Straw Plate

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"What Did She Use"

"My Heart's Desire"

"The Shrine of St. Cecelia"

"My Love, My Love"

"At Night"

"Jeannie Baby"


"Out of Sight, Out of Mind"

"Blue Velvet"

"Creation of Love"

a cappella
"There Goes My Love"
on new CD

a cappella
"Come Back to Me"
on new CD

a cappella
"The Angels Sang"

a cappella
"I Love You"

The curly headed kid in the 2nd. row?
Gus Gussert...
Here is a song he played quite a bit on NY radio
one of his favorites...Great just great!!!

"The Stars"


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This song was recorded on April 16, 1958, at Allegro Sound Studio, NYC, by my first group, named the 'Princetones'. This tune was written by Pete Prince, lead singer of the Princetones and myself on a Street corner in Palisades Park , N.J. Pete and I were both 14 years old at the time. If you click on the label, I think you will be surprised and you just might have heard this song in the late 50's and early 60's. It had a different name when it was released by other groups.
Please excuse the quality. It is on a 78rpm acetate and maybe 1 of 4 copies that exist. I have 2 copies.

"Bada Bada" ("Guardian Angel")

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